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Forest Theorem One
Robotic Arm, Artificial Intenligence, Smoke, Lighting, Projections.
2021 - 2022

In a semi-enclosed space there is an unremarkable green tree. For the survival of the plants, there will be a sophisticated artificial intelligence taking care of them in every possible way. Of course, the right light, moisture and temperature are all taken into account by the AI. The orderly and hectic scene was praised contentedly from a height. The hustle and bustle make people arrogantly turn a blind eye, until the smoke dissipate and the absurdity is exposed.

The digital technology represented by artificial intelligence was entrusted with the task and became the seemingly perfect mediator between human beings and the earth Forgetful people have long forgotten the billowing smoke from the chimney.

Today Art Museum, 2021.

Wuhan Biennale, 2022