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Bio & CV
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This web piece is made for public to play with the algorithm I wrote in my own practice. I see those stretched slices from the algorithm as the "paint" I used to create my own ShanShuipainting. This mass-collaboration provides me another version of randomness other than which inherited from the digital space.

The gesture expresses my desire of diverting audience attention away from the programming aspect of my practice. I am an artist with programming ability yet I do not identify myself as a programmer. In other words, I create the visuals I do not because I know how to, through writing and exercising algorithms. These visuals, and the process of creating them, addresses my concerns with culture, appropriation, abstraction, automation and randomness derived from effortless action.

This website is also an experimentation of social engaged art. I invite the public to create their own images using my website. In fact, many of the users used their own images (i.e. a photo of molded bread) rather than the defaulted and immediately available Shan Shui images. This piece further explores the idea of universalization in the digital domain, that the algorithm sees different kinds of images as merely the same form of data structure.