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  • "Bitcoin is up By 60%, reaching record high $19,820"
  • "mArket crAsheD. Down By Another 40%." 

The social media has been infinitely filled with such narrative since early 2017, as soon as blockchain/ crypto hits the general public. Who cares about Nakamoto Satoshi's (pseudonym of the Bitcoin's creator) utopian yet ambitious vision of a decentralized economy?

We live in bubbles inhabited by Internet, from Cats v. Dogs to the U.S. Presidential Election in 2016. Online social platforms have made it easier for people to insulate themselves from opposing views by providing an inexhaustible supply of opinions corroborating what they already believe. This process of steady reinforcement makes us self-righteous, less tolerant and, eventually, angry when we are confronted by contrary positions.

Departing from that, it could be worse when mass media joined the landscape of innovative tech-industry. Industry leaders brand their technology always as life-changing (e.g. google & Apple with Ar; gAming inDustry with Vr; microsoft with mr.) They often allure us through mass media to believe a revolution is coming, yet another has arrived, yet always the next one. The mass media, social platforms, are becoming layers of filters between the public and the truth of the technology, censoring information, introducing noises, and providing alter-facts.

In this project, I bring a mobile crypto experiencing center to the public. It follows the thread of my earlier VR & Glass Maze project, as well as directly stems from my first-hand experience of crypto mining and trading since 2014. It contains a cargo container installed with industrial fans and mining machine, surrounding a Mixed Reality experience of human-battery powered server farm.

The work consists of three BaobergTM branded parts:
  • BaobergTM Terminal - a screen based installation that provides a so- exaggerated-to-be-true crypto trading experience.
  • BaobergTM Center - a human-like "blockborg" breeding station transforming human into blockchain-based-creatures masks as a blockchain experiencing center.
  • BaobergTM Zorgball - a mixture of Zorb Ball & large fans install a perfect scenario to meet your "blockborg" counterpart.

  • " 比特币涨了 60%, 冲到 $19,820"
  • " 市场跳水,暴跌 40%"

朋友圈从 2017 年伊始就充斥着这样的评论。谁还在乎中本聪对于区块链乌托邦式的畅想?

从猫狗之争,到 2016 年美国总统大选,我们都住在互联网的泡泡里。在线社交平台让人们更容易通 过提供取之不尽,用之不竭的意见来证明自己是正确的。 这种稳定的巩固过程使我们自以为是,变 得不宽容,并且最终在我们面临相反立场时生气。基于此,当科技公司遇上了大众媒介,事情变得更错 综复杂。每一个科技行业的突破都被当作“史无前例的将会改变我们的生活”暴跌 - - - - - Google & Apple 口中的 AR;游戏行业与 HTC Vive 所鼓吹的 VR;微软的 MR。这些科技公司不断的告诉我 们此刻的突破是史无前例的,这一次,下一次,再下一次...... 天然的,我们努力尝试用日常经验把迷雾 中的未知逐步固化,但实质上只是钻进了自己吹起来的一个泡泡------ 一叶障目与自圆其说的解读。 我更感兴趣人们是如何通过一层一层的滤网感受到这种“郁金香的狂热”。

在这个项目中,我构建了一个可移动的区块链体验中心。这即是我之前 VR 项目思考的延续,也融入 了我从自 2014 年接触区块链所得的经验。他们包含一个标准尺寸的集装箱,二十把工业风扇,服务 器机架,三个太空球,以及一段关于“人体电池”的 VR 体验。

作品包含三个抱堡TM 系列作品:
  • 抱堡TM 终端 - 一件影像装置传递“过于夸大却变得 真实”的加密币交易体验。
  • 抱堡TM 中心 - 一个人形“块博格 (blockborg)”繁殖 基地被掩饰成区块链体验中心,实质是 将人类转变成一种奇特的区块链生物。
  • 抱堡TM - 充气的球体与巨大的风扇为人们提供 了最佳场所,遇见自己对应的区块链生 物“块博格”。