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This work tells anew the story of Chinese mythology from the ancient text Shan Hai Jing.

Is unproven fallacy scientific?

When people's cognition of the world is not enough to understand what they see, they naturally use their imagination to fill the cognitive gaps. Since ancient times, people's imagination of the unknown has gradually become a myth looming on the distant skyline.

This work uses augmented reality to bring creativity to rethink ancient mythology. Nüwa ( mother goddess of Chinese mythology) patching the sky is well-received ancient mythology from the text of Shan Hai Jing.

It probably stems from seeing the interstellar battleship swarming out of the wormhole. Yet, it cannot be comprehensive to our ancestors. The stars wrapped in the Dyson ball farming by the interstellar civilization may be mistaken for the sun gods Xi He (Chinese Solar Deity). The space elevator of the ancient astronauts is recorded as a towering sacred tree. The knowledge map left on the earth is recited as the Lo Shu (part of the old Chinese mathematical and divinatory legacy).