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This is a face-swapping work through AI, created in November 2019, when the film Blade Runner was set. At the peak of the 1969 civil rights movement, Philip Dick set the background of human v. android novels in the 1980s. When the novel was reprinted and the Blade Runner was released in 1982, it was clear that the era of Dick’s fantasy did not come (even VHS did not become universal). Obviously in this troubled 2020, the androids are still hiding in plain sight around us.

Does the work projected on the ceiling remind you the famous “tears in the rain” in the film "Blade Runner"?  Hauer who played Roy, improvises that famous monologue “tears in the rain” when he faced the human bounty hunter Rick who is trying to terminate him. In this work, Roy's face is replaced with the aged Harrison Ford, who played the human bounty hunter in the film. Ford, faces 40 years younger himself, talks about human empathy and his experience in the mysterious war. Yet, they all talked at you.